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5 minutes before our plane landed on the Big Island, my Beloved Drew and I started feeling waves of love coming from the land. We knew that the energy of this area was powerful and known as a healing center but we weren't expecting to feel it while still airborne...When we got there, we immediately contacted our friend Meg Sibley. Meg is a master at healing with sound and does "sound pods" where community can come together to set intentions with the power of the voice. She also has a very special connection with dolphins and we knew that she would help us see them in a way that was respectful not only to the dolphins but also to the spirit of the local culture of the island. She prepped us by telling us to make sure we made eye contact with them and just ask for them to come play.  "They will circle you and approach you if they want to play." And she went further to tell us that if we see their tail going away from us, then that means they're done for the moment. Don't chase them...Smart advice given the fact that dolphins are one of the fastest creatures in water (20 mph). If they want to play, you can offer them a leaf and they'll take it and often carry it on their tail, then throw it to their nose, even leaving it for you, only to sweep it up as you reach out for it.

Drew and I were terribly excited about the possibility of communing with these playful creatures, and when we swam out to meet them, we immediately noticed how some people would aggressively pursue them only to be faced with bubbles and then others would simply wait and have the dolphins encircle them.

You can probably gather from the fact that I'm telling you this story it has something to do with the Beloved. Indeed, what struck me most was that learning how to attract dolphins is very similar to attracting love. Imagine a scene from some kung-fu movie where the master says, "if you can get dolphin to come and snatch leaf from hand, then you can have love of your life."

And it's not hard, from what I learned, but it requires a level of detachment as well as trust in divine timing. The first day, we were fortunate to swim with them right away, and then for the next two days, they were nowhere to be found. What struck me most was the pain some avid dolphin fans felt when they didn't get a chance to swim with them. The language they used sounded similar to people in withdrawal from some sort of addiction. People spoke of the dolphins being "fickle", a "tease", of being able to "take a hint" when they no longer wanted to play. One regular told us of how one morning he saw them out in the water porpoising and when he swam out to where they were, they had disappeared. He waited for them 45 minutes in the water, returned to shore, took off his wet suit and looked back to see them porpoising again. While dolphins are playful, they seem to know and reflect to people what kind of healing a person needs. And in some cases, they can also teach us not to become co-dependent on them in order to validate our needs for love because that would belie the fact that it is truly around us at all times.

On our last day, I scanned the water in the Bay, there were no people and even the regulars doubted that they were in the water. I checked in intuitively and knew that they were near. I scanned the water with Drew's binoculars, and sure enough saw a few of them porpoising out in the distance. We headed out knowing that they may or may not still be there by the time we got there.

And yes when we got to the place where I spotted them, there was no trace of them. We patiently waited in the dark blue water asking them telepathically to come and play with us, and then suddenly out of the mysterious blue vista, appeared a mother and her baby. Then a pair showed up, catching my eye. I followed them as they encircled me, and then one twitched his tail to show me that he had a leaf on it. He and his friend circled me another time and then were called away by their pod. The overwhelming power of their wisdom and ancient intelligence was humbling and made me aware that though playful they were masterful healers. Their message to me? Keep up the good work, continue to help bring more Beloveds together!