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True love is just a photo away.

Do people ever say, “You look better in person”?

Online dating experts will tell you that having great profile pictures is the key to attracting the quality singles you want to meet.

LookBetterOnline makes it fast, easy and affordable to bring attractive profile photos to your online dating profile—so that the online you represents the real you.

Get more online dates than ever before!

"I tell everyone—it’s the best money I ever spent!"

Kirsten, NJ

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Isn’t taking a professional photo cheating?

Posting a photo on a dating site that doesn’t look like you is cheating. If your photographer changes so much of the shot during the edit that you end up looking like a supermodel – and you’re not one – then you’re cheating other dating site singles.

But if you post a dark, blurry, posed or unfocused photo that makes you look twenty years older than you are, then you’re cheating yourself. That’s how most photos on dating sites look.

The people who look at your profile want to know exactly who you are. They want to see you.

Our photographers have one goal: to create pictures that show you as you really are.

You’ll appear smiling and content, confident and happy, wearing the kind of clothes you’d wear on a date and looking your best. Because at your best, you’re still you. Anything else is cheating.

I can take my own photo!

Of course, you can take your own photo! Anyone can push a button on a camera and produce an image. But that doesn’t mean that the picture will be the kind of photo that will win you looks and responses on a dating site – especially when you’re taking it yourself.

There are four ways of taking your own photo to put on a dating site.

  • You can hold your arm out in front of you
  • You can take a still from a webcam
  • You can stand in front of a mirror
  • You can ask a friend to photograph you

You’ll see each of these approaches as you browse profiles on dating sites, and you’ll see the drawbacks with each of them. They don’t deliver the quality dates online singles are looking for. Just take a look at this video to see what we mean.

Taking your own photo is always a bad idea, unless, of course, you want to stay single.

I can take my photos at Walmart for nickels!

A Walmart photographer will take a portrait picture of you for just a few bucks. But that picture won’t get you coupled up. What you save on that shoot you’ll spend on continued dating site subscriptions, bad dates and wasted evenings. When it comes to photography, you get what you pay for -- and paying nickels for a picture for a dating site picture is a waste of nickels.

When you’re sitting for a dating site photo:

  • The environment should be relaxed and comfortable so that you’re looking happy and content. (That doesn’t happen in Walmart.)
  • The pose should be natural and casual so that the viewer will feel at ease with you. (Those aren’t the poses that Walmart photographers have the time – or skill -- to produce.)
  • You should have a variety of images to choose from. (Walmart photographer will take 9 photos only!)
  • The photos must be digital so you can upload them. (Walmart will give you prints. If you want digital, it’s $80 per image or $200 for the nine. That’s not nickels any more.)
  • The photos should be small so that they can be uploaded easily or emailed to friends and family. (Pay Walmart $200 and you’ll get massive images that are impossible to share.)

Take a look at the video above, we took of a typical Walmart photo shoot and decide for yourself. Is this the kind of photo shoot you'd like to have?

I don’t want some glamour shot that looks nothing like me.

Neither do we. A glamour shot is not about The Real You, it’s about the photographer creating the image that they find the most pleasing. The photographer will use heavy makeup, hair styling, unnatural lighting and heavy post production retouching.

The result is a fantasy image, and it fails on a dating site. People avoid them because they know no one looks like that, or they avoid you after the date because you didn’t measure up to the picture on the profile.

Our professional photographers are trained to stay away from this style of photography. They take natural pictures that reflect who you really are.

But I’m not photogenic

Feeling that you’re not photogenic is pretty common. In fact, most of our customers initially believe that they don’t photograph well. It’s usually down to two reasons:

  1. You had a poor photographer. It takes skill to make someone look good in an image. While good luck can produce great pictures, poor composition or poor lighting guarantee poor results. A good, experienced, professional photographer knows how to make the conditions work.
  2. You felt uncomfortable, tense or posed when taking the photos. A good portrait photographer also knows how to get the most out of his or her subjects. Your photographer will help you relax and shoot you looking your best.

After the photo shoot, our customers are often are amazed that they look so good, and it all comes down to using a great photographer! With the right photographer, you’ll be photogenic.

I really don’t have time for this!

Nobody wants to waste time. The photo shoot itself takes just 45-60 minutes and to save on travel, we’ll match you to your closest photographer. Many of our photographers will even come to your home or office. You can be done in less than an hour.

On the other hand, going on bad dates because you don't have good photos will take you a lot longer…

Will I feel uncomfortable during the photo shoot?

No, you’ll feel that you’re having a ball! Ninety-nine percent of our customers have a blast during the photo shoot. They tell us that it was fun, that they felt relaxed and they really enjoyed the experience. Our photographers pride themselves on their ability to make you smile, laugh, put you at ease and take great shots.